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Silver Steel Plate


  At Swartz, we have state-of-the-art equipment paired with an unmatchable staff of experts to meet any of your needs. Our team of specialists is diversely well-rounded in all aspects of manufacturing and fabrication.

  We use nothing but the highest quality of materials and equipment. Our equipment inventory is quite vast to accommodate the various needs of our clientele.

Silver Steel Plate

CNC Plasma Cutting

  When it comes to your metal fabrication and metal cutting needs, becoming an extension of your team is what Swartz is all about. We take time to ensure that the plasma cut products are fabricated exactly as you request them when you need them.


Silver Steel Plate

Welding Repairs 

  At Swartz, our welding services are ideal for a variety of applications. Our comprehensive welding capabilities include the welding of iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. Every metal product we weld is to your exact specifications.


  We have developed a reputation for quality work, reliability, and excellent customer service. No job is too big or too small for our welding shop, and we are particularly skilled in welding repairs. We can repair a wide range of objects and materials.

Silver Steel Plate

Cad Drafting

  Our goal is to transform your vision into a timeless design and create a comprehensive set of architectural plans that become detailed construction documents that will make your dream home, shop, office, or business property a reality.

  Our focus is to offer our clients high-quality custom architectural designs and a full range of drafting services at affordable rates. We’ll do our best to keep our clients satisfied with every aspect of our work.

Silver Steel Plate

Engine Repair 

Our knowledge for engine repairs is spot on and essential to the job at hand. With our partners, we disassemble, repair and build your engine. We are knowledgeable of the components no matter the make, year, and model. Call us today to get your engine up to par with us here at Swartzs'.

Silver Steel Plate

Powder Coating

From car parts and custom signs to batch production runs we can cover your needs

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